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13 Funny Animated GIFS about Email Marketing [Part 2]

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In the Omnisend ecommerce email marketing blog you can find plenty of useful and relevant stuff about promotional newsletters, marketing automation etc.

But everyone sometimes needs a break from their daily tasks. The following Marketing Shmarketing blog post is made especially for this – to ensure you take a pause from your routine and relax your brain for a few minutes.

So, scroll down and entertain yourself a little bit. To quote the song by Fergie: A little party never killed nobody!

1. 5 minutes before pressing the Send button

2. When email marketers learn to code emails
without reading or watching any tutorials

3. Trying to make my emails look good on all devices

4. When you open an email with
“Re: regarding our last call”
and it’s just another spammy email

5. When you use that very same “re:.” technique

6. When you realize that Gmail was launched
12 years ago


P.S. Yahoo! Mail was first introduced 19 years ago!

7. When the client continues to purchase mailing lists and spam


8. Sending confidential email to the wrong John

9. When the click rate of your recent newsletter is 50%

10. When you “borrow” a few email ideas from your competitor

11. Hey, did you prepare that email campaign
I asked for last week?
I will send it in few hours.

12. What email marketers think about MS Outlook

Everyone is waiting for a miracle to happen.

13. Reporting spammers in my inbox

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Thanks to our friends at Marketing Shmarketing who found the time to prepare this new animated GIF collection. Marketing Shmarketing is a blog dedicated to marketing humor. All our posts are split into marketing failures and funny marketing GIFs . So if you practice social media marketing, email marketing, PPC, etc, you should definitely follow us.

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