Email marketing

Behavioral segmentation: detailed explanation + 8 examples

Learn more about behavioral segmentation to know how, when, and who to market to. Check our examples that create higher engagement rates.

Email marketing20 March, 2024 2182

How to create an email marketing campaign: Guide + examples

Want to know how to create email campaign that generate results? Learn from our guide with actionable strategies and examples.

Email marketing07 March, 2024 3253

Welcome series: How to create & examples [2024]

Learn how to create impactful and engaging welcome series that leave a lasting impression. Explore tips and examples for inspiration.

Email marketing04 March, 2024 2206

How to warm up email domain: All you need to know in 2024

Discover how to warm up email domain before sending emails. We'll discuss domain warming and how you can use it to improve deliverability.

Email marketing22 February, 2024 4576

Email Automation: How to Do It, Benefits, Tools, & Examples

Email automation lets you scale your strategy, connect with more subscribers, & build sales with emails. Learn about email automation here.

Email marketing20 February, 2024 2438

Reactivation emails guide for 2024: 10 best examples to inspire you

Want to draft a compelling reactivation email? Learn from the top 10 expert email reactivation campaign examples to boost your marketing.

Email marketing14 February, 2024 3140

Market segmentation: Strategies, types, and best practices for 2024

Effective market segmentation is key to excelling in 2024. This expert guide explores the concepts, types, and best practices to boost your marketing efforts.

Email marketing09 February, 2024 1828

Ecommerce personalization: A beginner's guide [10+ examples]

Unlock ecommerce personalization potential with examples, benefits, and strategies in this online business guide and boost your sales.

Email marketing09 February, 2024 2731

Sent as SMS via server: Meaning and benefits for ecommerce

Is ‘sent as SMS via server’ notification causing worry for your recipients? Read this article to learn meaning, benefits, pricing, and more.

Email marketing31 January, 2024 4200

24 great email popup examples for 2024 (+ tips & best practices)

An email popup can grab your audience’s attention. Explore our list of 24 email popups to transform your email marketing game in 2024.

Email marketing30 January, 2024 1315

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