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What is a good open rate for email: A detailed guide for 2024

Wondering about good open rate for email in 2024? Discover the ideal percentages, factors affecting them in our guide.

Email marketing12 December, 2023 3889

How to send a GIF in a text message [any device]

This detailed guide will help you understand how to send a GIF in a text message, on any device, in a few easy steps.

Email marketing10 December, 2023 2107

Email Marketing Automation: Explanation, Strategies, & Tools

Learn how email marketing automation works, how to get started, and see examples in this simple guide.

Email marketing07 December, 2023 4015

Web Push Notifications 101: How to Use Notifications to Boost Your Sales

Learn how web push notifications can help boost your ecommerce store & how you can include them in your omnichannel marketing strategy.

Email marketing05 December, 2023 3348

Retention marketing 3.0: A contrarian take on the future of ecommerce

Explore how sending more frequent emails can help you to win customer loyalty and increase sales

Email marketing01 December, 2023 1173

The Jaw-Dropping Impact of Email Marketing ROI (& How to Calculate it)

Email marketing ROI is a whopping $40 for every $1. Find out how to use this in your marketing strategy and how to calculate your email ROI.

Email marketing28 November, 2023 4397

How to add a popup on Wix: Step-by-step guide 2024

Learn how to add a popup on Wix effortlessly with both the Wix Editor and Omnisend. Create dynamic and captivating popups.

Email marketing23 November, 2023 4001

10 best email automation software for 2024

Want to turn email into a marketing and sales channel to grow your business? Here is a list of the best email automation software.

Email marketing19 November, 2023 2371

10 essential holiday marketing tips for 2024

Boost sales with 10 holiday marketing tips for a 2024 season. From starting early to free shipping, get ahead in your holiday marketing game!

Email marketing17 November, 2023 3283

10 must-try holiday email marketing tips to have success in 2023

Elevate your 2023 sales with 10 must-try holiday email marketing tips. Boost engagement and conversions with expert strategies for holiday email campaigns.

Email marketing16 November, 2023 2433

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