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What is a popup? Top 9 popup types for 2024

Popups can boost your site’s engagement and conversion. Discover the nine types of popups in this comprehensive guide.

Email marketing29 January, 2024 2026

10 best teaser email examples & tips for 2024

Teaser email campaigns are a great way to elevate your marketing. Discover expert tips and top 10 examples for 2024.

Email marketing26 January, 2024 2527

AI email marketing: a beginner's guide

Elevate your digital marketing with AI email marketing. Learn how AI can transform email marketing campaigns for relevant, engaging results.

Email marketing24 January, 2024 3785

SMS marketing in the UK: Benefits, compliance, and best practices

Wondering how to use SMS marketing in the UK effectively and legally? Learn the benefits, rules, and best practices of SMS marketing in 2024.

Email marketing24 January, 2024 2841

The 2024 marketing events calendar: Key dates to boost sales

Check out this 2024 email marketing calendar, discover this year’s biggest events, and easily plan campaigns and promos to boost sales.

Email marketing12 January, 2024 2949

A Quick Guide to Push Notification Marketing

Digital marketers often focus on channels like email, social, and text, but push notifications can play an equally important role. Find out more at Omnisend.

Email marketing12 January, 2024 2021

Lifecycle email marketing tips & examples for 2024

Want to know how to go about lifecycle email marketing the right way? Here are some tips that can set your marketing campaigns up for success with examples.

Email marketing10 January, 2024 2468

How to get repeat customers: Proven strategies for success

Wondering how to get repeat customers and boost revenue? Learn how to achieve it by building customer-centric strategies to solidify customer relationships.

Email marketing09 January, 2024 3832

7 of the best birthday email examples we’ve seen

Take a look at these inspiring birthday email examples to help you create birthday emails that will delight your customers.

Email marketing04 January, 2024 2698

30 Killer Exit Intent Popup Examples You Can Steal (& Best Practices)

Exit-intent popups are high-converting if used right. Get these 30 jaw-dropping popup examples & tips you can steal and adapt for your store.

Email marketing14 December, 2023 3022

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