10 WooCommerce product bundles to boost your sales for 2024

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If you’re doing ecommerce in any capacity, there’s a one in four chance you’re working with WooCommerce . This powerful plugin gets downloaded 30,000 times per day , and holds a 23.34% market share among ecommerce platforms worldwide.

Why? The ability to sell product bundles may have something to do with it.

Product bundling is a common ecommerce strategy used to boost sales. It’s not hard to see why — roughly 10% to 30% of the average business’s revenue comes from up-selling and cross-selling bundles, as they can increase order value, move dead inventory, and raise your product margins.

And if you create product bundles using the extensions on WooCommerce, you can make a custom bundle all your own.

The WooCommerce Extensions Store connects to thousands of third-party apps designed to increase the flexibility of the standard WooCommerce plugin. These include extensions built just for product bundling, including backend management, front-facing display, and UI integration.

To select the perfect product bundling app for your ecommerce store, we’ve collected 10 of the best WooCommerce plugins based on their prices, features, and WooCommerce rating. We’ve also ranked their pros and cons in a table so you can compare each app at a glance.

Let’s get started.

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The 10 best WooCommerce product bundle apps for your store

Want to test the limits of what WooCommerce offers for product bundles?

Check out this selection of plugin-based product bundles WooCommerce store owners need to maximize their sales.

1. WooCommerce Product Bundles

WooCommerce Product Bundles

WooCommerce Rating: 4.9

Product Bundles is one of WooCommerce’s in-house extensions designed to simplify your entire product bundling process. You can build hundreds of unique product bundles with static content and let customers mix and match as desired.

Customers can add virtual or physical items into the same bundled package. You can also set up WooCommerce discount rules when customers add certain products to their carts.


Per month Per year
$4.09 per month $49 per year


  • Analytics for product bundles
  • Physical, digital, or downloadable bundles
  • Dynamic pricing rules for bundle items
  • Simple, variable, and subscription product groupings
  • Assembled and unassembled boxes
  • ‘Frequently Bought Together’ recommendations
Pros Cons
Easy to use Not suitable for product kits made of several different components or bundles with multiple options to choose from

2. Mix and Match Products

example of Mix and Match Products

WooCommerce Rating: 5

Mix and Match Products may be slightly less popular than Product Bundles, but its high rating and rave reviews speak volumes about its quality. Users can dig into the features to let customers mix and match their favorite items — like choosing the exact flavors of soda they want in a six-pack bundle. These custom assortments can be shipped together or separately, or sold digitally (if they aren’t physical products).


Per month Per year
$6.59 $79


  • Mix and match assortments (simple products or product variations in the same group)
  • Static pricing or priced per item
  • Inventory managed or stock managed
  • Customizable product templates
Pros Cons
Five-star rating No variable mix and match features provided (although the upgrade is underway)
Extremely flexible tools Focused less on product bundles and more on variations of the same product in bulk

3. Booster For WooCommerce

Booster For WooCommerce

WordPress Rating: 4.6

Want to build product bundles without inflating your tech stack? Or combine all your bundling plugins into one integration? That’s the primary objective of Booster for WooCommerce , complete with 120+ features and plenty of customizations. Their product add-on feature substitutes the traditional product bundle, which enables customers to add pre-set items to their purchase.


Personal Freelance Agency
$149 per year $199 per year $299 per year
All features plus 1 site All features plus 5 sites All features plus 50 sites


  • Create add-ons to any product
  • Allow customers to add a minimum or maximum amount
  • Combine physical, digital, and downloadable goods
Pros Cons
Provides a wealth of customization Less focused on product bundles and more focused on product add-ons
Well liked by experienced users More expensive than other plugins

4. SiteOrigins Widget Bundle

SiteOrigins Widget Bundle

WordPress Rating: 4.9

This is another multipackage plugin with the added benefit of bundled tools. The SiteOrigins Widget Bundle comes with dozens of included widgets, some of which allow you to customize your shop with product bundles. However, this plugin may be more complicated and less intuitive than some of the other options on this list.


You can download the SiteOrigins Widget Bundle for free. However, you’ll need to pay for the official license if you want to use all its features:

Single Business Developer
$29 per year $49 per year $99 per year
All features on 1 site All features on 5 sites All features on unlimited sites


  • Create dynamic product bundling widgets
  • Build an enhanced page builder for more customized designs
  • Make customizable price tables for bundled products
Pros Cons
Highly responsive developer Must be familiar with coding
Cost-effective for multiple domains Less robust focus on product bundling tools

5. Wholesale For WooCommerce

Wholesale For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Rating: 4.4

You can use Wholesale For WooCommerce to manage wholesale product bundles for your B2B or B2C company. You’re welcome to create bulk prices depending on user role, set up simple or variable products, or control product visibility for buyers depending on their industry. If you need to bundle products for enterprise-sized customers, this plugin may be right for you.


Per month Per year
$8.25 $99


  • Set up global, category, or product-based discounts
  • Set minimum cart amounts and cart discount values to accompany your bundle
  • Differentiate between wholesale products and retail products
  • Display custom prices for your wholesale ‘bundled’ products
Pros Cons
A great fit for large wholesalers May not be suitable for brands that don’t sell wholesale products
Advanced analytics and reports offered Users mention technical errors and difficulty getting support
No coding knowledge required Cannot add wholesale orders via wp-admin

6. WooCommerce Composite Products

WooCommerce Composite Products

WooCommerce Rating: 4.9

Another in-house WooCommerce extension, Composite Products is a custom product configurator designed to support online kit builders. Customers can change the components of a product to build a perfect item for their needs (like the wheels on a skateboard). If they like what they see, they can buy right away.

Woocommerce Composite products


Per month Per year
$8.25 $99


  • Support for both simple and variable products
  • Get downloadable ‘flavors’ of different product types
  • Accommodate items with multiple components or product options
Pros Cons
Great for brands that sell physical products Not suitable for simple product packages or static pricing options
Accommodates B2B and B2C stores The main product image does not change when customers select a new composite

7. YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles

YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles

WordPress Rating: 2.8

You may be familiar with YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles if you’ve shopped their collection of independent themes. Unlike many of the code-heavy options on this list, YITH’s solution is refreshingly simple. You can use a straightforward dashboard view to add or edit product bundles, then create special offers and discounts to entice interested buyers.


There is a free version of YITH’s tool available. However, the plugin is quite limited and doesn’t provide the features of the paid tool.

The first year All following years
$89.99 per year $109.99 per year


The following features apply to the free plan only:

If you pay for the tool, you’ll get:

  • Product variations
  • Bundled product reports
  • Discount percentages
Pros Cons
Simple interface The free version only supports the management of simple product bundles
Easy-to-use design Reviewers cite bugs and inconsistencies
No coding required May not be as robust because of its simplicity

8. WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce

WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce

WordPress Rating: 4.4

Thousands of brands selling bundles on WordPress use WPC Product Bundles to simplify their backend. This tool makes it easy to lump your best-selling products with slower-moving inventory. It’s also one of the few product bundling tools for supporting your marketing strategy, as it optimizes your on-page SEO and potentially boosts your SERPs.


You can always download a free version of WPC Product Bundles. However, the features are a lot less robust than what you’ll find in the paid plans.

Single site Up to five Unlimited
$29 per year $59 per year $99 per year
All features on 1 site All features on 5 sites All features on unlimited sites


The free plugin comes with:

  • Auto-calculated prices
  • Customizable or pre-defined product categories
  • Unlimited simple and subscription product bundles

In contrast, the premium plugin comes with:

  • Variable products and specific variations
  • Sub-links for individual items
  • Minimum/maximum price totals for all bundles
Pros Cons
Offers a live demo to get you started Users report problems with tax forms

9. Chained Products

Chained Products

WooCommerce Rating: 4.3

Chained Products is a unique plugin that specializes in grouped products. It’s a one-shop shop for grouping items in a way that makes sense for your business. In addition to product bundles, you can use Chained Products to make:

  • Giveaways
  • Buy One Get One deals
  • Force sells
  • Composites
  • Product kits
  • Mix and match products
  • Combo offers
  • Package deals
Chained Products


Per month Per year
$4.09 $49


  • Chained products (when a customer buys a single product, they automatically receive all other items ‘chained’ to it)
  • Highly customizable product bundles that can be edited at any time
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions , WooCommerce Smart Coupons, and many WooCommerce themes
Pros Cons
Highly rated Cannot cross-sell categories; only products
Extremely flexible

10. Custom Product Boxes

Custom Product Boxes

WooCommerce Rating: 4.4

Thanks to its simplistic layout, Custom Product Boxes is a great choice for brands selling physical products. Visitors can buy what they like, customize their box, and even leave a gift message for intended recipients. You can also connect with the Subscriptions plugin to bundle products WooCommerce customers will actually want to buy.


Per month Per year
$6.49 per month $79 per year


  • Create product bundles and boxes
  • Set minimum and maximum quantities
  • Let visitors leave custom messages in a bundle
  • Set category filters for your best bundles
  • Use three different layouts to display product boxes
Pros Cons
Attentive customer service May not be as useful for digital or downloadable products

Selecting the perfect product bundling tool for WooCommerce

There’s a lot of information to digest from this list. Still, it should be more than enough to get your WooCommerce product bundling strategy off the ground.

Just don’t forget to market your newly bundled products when you’re finished, especially if you’re using a multichannel marketing strategy. Omnisend can get you started fast by combining email, SMS, and web push notifications into a single streamlined workflow.

It’s just like product bundling — only it can kick your store’s growth into hyperdrive .

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