The 6 best MailPoet alternatives to try this year (free and paid)

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Many business owners selling on Woocommerce believe that MailPoet is the best tool for their email marketing needs.

However, the platform’s lack of A/B testing, high pricing, and limited free plan often has users looking for suitable MailPoet alternatives.

Luckily, the email marketing space has grown significantly over the last few years and there are many options if you’re looking for a robust tool for your email campaigns.

In this article, we will show you a handful of the best MailPoet alternatives you can consider. We will also discuss their features and pricing information to help choose the best tool for your email marketing campaigns.

What does MailPoet have to offer?

MailPoet is a WordPress and Woocommerce email plugin that allows users to create and manage email marketing campaigns from their dashboard.

The tool allows you to personalize your email communication and automate it so you can deliver emails to your subscribers at the best times.

With MailPoet, you can also create beautiful signup forms to collect user information and add them to your email list.

Additionally, you can use MailPoet to design newsletters and promotional emails for your online campaigns.

Other impressive MailPoet features include:

  • Email templates
  • Audience segmentation
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Advanced analytics

Although this tool has a lot of useful features, other MailPoet alternatives are more effective and deliver advanced features to users at a lower cost.

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  • Easy to use: MailPoet has an easy to use interface that makes it simple for marketers, even newbies, to design and manage email campaigns.
  • Seamless integration: This email marketing plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress to make it easy for users to manage email marketing campaigns from their WordPress dashboard.
  • Customizable email templates: MailPoet has stunning email templates that you can customize to match your brand or campaign’s visual guidelines.
  • Automation features: MailPoet comes with various automation features, such as automated welcome emails, post-purchase follow-ups, and abandoned cart reminders.
  • Subscriber management: MailPoet makes it easy for you to manage your subscribers with its powerful subscriber management features, such as tagging, segmentation, and list cleaning.


  • Limited free plan: MailPoet’s free plan is limited to 1000 subscribers and doesn’t include all the features in the premium versions.
  • Deliverability issues: Emails sent from MailPoet sometimes don’t get to the recipients which can affect the success of your email campaign.
  • Pricing: The cost of MailPoet’s premium plans can be a little too expensive for small business owners or bloggers who are new to email marketing.
  • No A/B testing: MailPoet doesn’t offer A/B testing like other MailPoet alternatives, which makes it difficult to optimize email marketing campaigns for better results.
  • Lacks advanced features for ecommerce: This WordPress plugin doesn’t have advanced features that ecommerce businesses would need. However, many top MailPoet alternatives in this post do offer such features.

MailPoet alternatives: an overview

Below is a brief summary table that highlights the key features of the top MailPoet alternatives you can consider for your brand campaigns.

Alternative Best for Free plan Paid plans Extra marketing features
Omnisend Ecommerce businesses Yes From $16/mo Email & SMS marketing, push notifications, popups, landing pages, Google & Facebook custom audiences
AWeber Very large template library Yes From $12.50/mo Web push notifications, landing pages, signup forms
Mailchimp Email marketing beginners Yes From $11/mo Landing pages, social posts
Klaviyo Data science and machine learning features Yes From $20/mo SMS marketing, signup forms, popups, social ads, Facebook advertising
FluentCRM Email marketing with CRM No From $103/year Email marketing campaigns, customer relationships, sales funnel
Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) Easier contact management with CRM Yes From $25/mo Email and SMS marketing, automation

1. Omnisend

G2 rating: 4.5/5

Omnisend is one of the top-rated MailPoet alternatives you can choose to streamline your email campaigns and make more sales.

It’s simple to use and more effective than MailPoet since it has been established that Omnisend users earn an impressive $47.80 for every $1 spent on email marketing.

Omnisend empowers users to manage their email campaigns in better ways. This comprehensive marketing tool lets marketers build email campaigns in minutes, set up complex automation workflows, and target users precisely with smart segmentation.


  • Omnichannel integration: Besides email, you’ll also enjoy omnichannel marketing on Omnisend through SMS and push notifications to connect with your users.
  • Advanced automation workflows: Omnisend has pre-built workflows specifically designed for e-commerce businesses.
  • Email capture forms: Use Omnisend’s dynamic email forms to increase subscription rates.
  • Smart audience segmentation: Omnisend will help you create targeted customer profiles so you can engage your audience with personalized messages.
  • Intuitive content editor: The easy to use drag and drop interface allows you to customize your email templates to match your brand style.

Besides email, SMS, and push notifications, Omnisend also allows you to add Google or Facebook retargeting ads to your workflows to give your campaigns an extra punch.

In addition, there are superior features to help you build your email list such as the dynamic Wheel of Fortune that spins when you enter an email address.

And Omnisend offers powerful email campaign reports that can give you an insight into the performance of your campaigns.

Omnisend and MailPoet free plans comparison:

Both Omnisend and MailPoet have a free plan and here are their key features.

MailPoet free plan offers the following:

  • Send up to 5,000 emails per month
  • Subscription forms
  • Email and ecommerce marketing
  • Basic analytics
  • Send with MailPoet Sending Service

With Omnisend’s free plan, you can:

  • Reach up to 250 contacts with an unlimited contact list size
  • Send up to 500 emails/month
  • Send up to 60 SMS
  • Up to 600 push notifications

And with this free plan, you have access to the following features:

As you can see, Omnisend’s free plan delivers far greater value to users than MailPoet.

Omnisend and MailPoet ecommerce features comparison:

Both Mailpoet and Omnisend have a direct integration with WooCommerce and other ecommerce platforms. They both offer most of the features that an email marketing tool should have, but what makes the difference is:

1. Marketing automation:

Drive sales on autopilot with Omnisend’s automation platform that allows you to send emails to subscribers based on pre-set trigger actions. Use pre-built workflows to send welcome, cart abandonment, and product-related emails to your subscribers.

MailPoet has basic automation features and does not support the advanced needs of ecommerce marketers.

2. Email builder:

Omnisend’s email builder gives you the freedom to design beautiful emails with its ready-made, mobile-first templates. MailPoet’s email builder is complex and only has a handful of templates.

3. Segmentation and targeting:

Omnisend’s segmentation supports 500 data points to help you group your subscribers effectively and deliver personalized messaging.

MailPoet has limited segmentation capabilities, making it difficult to send tailored content to subscribers.

Channels used:

MailPoet does not support other channels, just email.

On the other hand, Omnisend offers SMS and push notifications in addition to email.

Paid plans comparison:

At $10/mo, MailPoet’s standard plan is cheaper than Omnisend which starts at $16/mo.

However, you get more value with Omnisend since the plan comes with more advanced features such as unlimited web push, customizable newsletter templates , pre-built ecommerce workflows, and SMS automation.

2. AWeber

G2 rating: 4.2/5

AWeber is a well-known email marketing software and one of the leading MailPoet alternatives you can use to manage your email campaigns. It’s easy to use and has a large template library you can use to design beautiful emails for your online marketing campaigns.

Besides email marketing, AWeber will also help you design beautiful landing pages to engage users and convince them to buy your products.

Why is AWeber a better alternative?

  • Has signup forms you can add to your website to collect user information
  • Large template library you can use to design stunning emails
  • Advanced ecommerce focused automation to help you boost sales
  • Easy to use pre-built workflows you can customize and automate

Free plans comparison

AWeber’s free plan supports up to 500 subscribers and allows you to build one email list


  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Automated campaign workflows
  • Subscriber segmentation
  • Seamless integration with other platforms

Pricing comparison

  • Lite plan: Starts from $12.50/mo
  • Plus plan: Starts from $20/mo
  • Unlimited plan: Starts from $899/mo

3. Mailchimp

G2 rating: 4.4/5

Mailchimp is generally regarded as a gateway email marketing app. As one of the popular MailPoet alternatives, Mailchimp is reasonably priced and has the basic features you need to run simple email marketing campaigns.

Additionally, the tool has standard segmentation abilities to allow users to group subscribers and engage them with tailored content.

Their email templates are eye-catching and the email builder is easy to use, making it simple for beginners to get started with email marketing.

Why is Mailchimp a better alternative?

  • Easy to use platform for email marketing beginners
  • Generous free plan with lots of useful campaign features
  • Supports multiple integrations
  • Robust analytics and reporting tools

Free plans comparison

Mailchimp has a generous free plan with sufficient features to tailor campaigns for one audience group.


  • Email capture forms
  • Visual email builder
  • Simple automation
  • Audience segmentation and reporting
  • Ad creation

Pricing comparison

  • Essentials plan: Starts from $13/mo
  • Standard plan: Starts from $20/mo
  • Premium plan: Starts from $350/mo

4. Klaviyo

G2 rating: 4.6/5

Klaviyo is a popular MailPoet alternative, especially among ecommerce marketers. The tool comes with advanced data science and machine learning features for intelligent marketing automation.

It also supports advanced segmentation to allow you to target your users based on specific behavior.

With Klaviyo, you can easily turn visitors into customers thanks to the platform’s dynamic pop-ups and forms.

Why is Klaviyo a better alternative?

  • Built-in AI optimization to help you message customers proactively
  • Supports SMS and web push besides email
  • Has multi-industry email templates and workflows
  • Seamless integration with more than 300 applications

Free plans comparison

Klaviyo has a free plan that’s limited to 500 monthly email sends.


  • Ecommerce automation such as abandoned carts, post-purchase, and more
  • Basic audience segmentation capabilities
  • Behavior-based automation and workflows
  • Targeted list growth tools
  • Cross-channel attribution

Pricing comparison

  • Email plan: Starts from $20/mo
  • Email & SMS plan: Starts from $35/mo

5. FluentCRM

G2 rating : 4.6/5

FluentCRM is a reliable email marketing tool and one of the best MailPoet alternatives. This WordPress plugin allows you to run and manage your email campaigns right from your WordPress dashboard.

The tool also supports email sequencing, making it easy for marketers to engage subscribers and move them down the sales funnel.

With FluentCRM, improving the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns becomes easy since the tool delivers valuable KPI metrics to help you make data-driven campaign actions.

Why is FluentCRM a better alternative?

  • Supports 30+ integrations to improve marketing performance
  • Delivers a 360-degree contact view
  • Supports the A/B testing of campaign elements
  • Better email automation features

Free plans comparison

FluentCRM doesn’t have a free plan.


  • Email marketing automation
  • Detailed campaign analytics
  • Email sequencing
  • Smart contact segmentation

Pricing comparison

  • Single site license: $103/year
  • 5 sites license: $199/year
  • 50 sites licenses: $399/year

Find out the best FluentCRM alternatives here .

6. Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

G2 rating: 4.5/5

Brevo is a MailPoet alternative that offers easier contact management with its dynamic CRM. The tool has a drag and drop email builder that makes it easy to design emails for your marketing campaigns.

Brevo supports more platforms, making it an effective tool for brands that want to grow online. Besides email, you can also use Brevo to reach your users through SMS and chat.

This flexibility allows you to reach your customers through channels that work best for them and amplify your marketing campaigns.

Why is Brevo a better alternative?

  • Delivers powerful marketing automation
  • Offers advanced marketing reports
  • Supports additional channels such as SMS and chat
  • Uses machine learning to optimize email send times

Free plans comparison

Brevo has a free plan that allows users to send up to 300 emails per day.


  • Supports multiple channels
  • Two-channel marketing automation
  • A/B testing capabilities
  • Email heat map

Pricing comparison

  • Starter plan: Starts from $25/mo
  • Business plan: Starts from $65/mo
  • Enterprise plan: Custom prices

Wrap up

As you can see, there are many MailPoet alternatives worth considering depending on your ecommerce platform . Before you choose any of the tools highlighted in this post, carefully examine your needs to ensure you choose software with all the features you need.

Ideally, you want a tool that supports multiple channels beyond email to increase the efficiency of your campaigns.

You also want a tool with advanced segmentation and automation needs to help you group your subscribers based on their interests and reach them with tailored content.

Omnisend provides all these great features and more to help you create amazing emails and generate more sales for your business.

For more information, use our email pricing calculator below to quickly compare price rates and features with other top platforms. Input your desired number of contacts, choose up to two other email marketing providers from the list, and see how Omnisend stacks up against them.

Quick email provider pricing comparison

Quickly and easily compare the top email marketing providers so you can find the best platform for your ecommerce store needs.

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  • Omnisend
  • Klaviyo
  • Mailchimp
  • Drip
  • Moosend
  • Active Campaign
  • Get Response GetResponse
  • Mailerlite

You can compare Omnisend and 2 more providers at once.

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