The 13 best Magento abandoned cart extensions for 2023

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Today we’re going to look at the 13 best Magento abandoned cart extensions for 2022, based on the quality of the extensions, their features, and of course price. At least one of these will become your favorite tool for ecommerce .

As you’re probably well aware, 70% of online shoppers at one point or another abandoned carts .

This trend is even more emphasized during the high shopping seasons, like Black Friday. Shoppers are more likely to bounce around from one store to the next looking for the best deal.

In those situations, it’s important to have a great abandoned cart flow set in place to automatically remind shoppers about their waiting carts.

To do that effectively on Magento, you need a great app . One that can send out beautiful, effective abandoned cart emails on schedule. But it’s still widely believed that a powerful email marketing platform that supports abandoned cart messages must be expensive. Fortunately, this isn’t true.

We have a list of the best Magento extensions , as well as abandoned cart extensions. They each have their own strengths, so let’s take a look at the 13 best Magento abandoned cart extensions.

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Magewares Abandoned Cart Email

Magewares Abandoned Cart Emails for Magento 2 allows you to set up and send reminder emails to shoppers who’ve abandoned their carts in your store.


Abandoned Cart Emails for Magento 2 has a lot of great things about it that can really help you send automated emails.

Specifically, this Magento extension will allow you to:

  • Customize user-friendly email templates
  • Send an unlimited number of follow up emails and cart reminders
  • Generate coupons to incentivize buyers
  • Create your own rules

This is only a small selection of the features in this Magento abandoned cart extension.

This extension also comes with free three-month support.


The features list looks pretty good. However, there’s a lot of stuff that you’ll have to be doing on your own end.

As you know, this is a standard extension. You’ll have to set up the backend by yourself, including sending emails from your server. This can really hurt your deliverability in the long run.

Besides that ongoing technical requirement, you only get three months of support for free.

If you want any more, then you’ll have to pay more. How much?

For six months, that’s an extra $100, every six months. Or, an extra $150 every 12 months.

If you take the yearly support plus extension price, you’ll end up paying $230 at roughly $20/month.


The MailChimp extension helps connect your store to one of the most popular email marketing platforms.


Since it’s an entire email marketing platform, the MailChimp Magento or Woocommerce extension brings with it a whole suite of features.

These include the ability to:

  • Sync your list and purchase data
  • Create abandoned cart automated workflows
  • Add in product recommendations
  • View reports to track your progress

It’s also great that they have a free plan. It allows you to send 12,000 emails per month, as long as you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers.


Unfortunately, MailChimp is usually troubled by inadequate customer support issues. The Magento extensions seem to be no different.

Out of 12 reviews, six verified customers gave the extension a one star rating for various reasons. Here’s a small sampling:

The extension can have some other negatives since it’s a generic email marketing app not made specifically for ecommerce. This means it can present the average Magento customer with a lot of potential headaches.


Remarkety is an email marketing automation platform that allows users to design, send and track marketing emails.


As a marketing automation platform, similar to MailChimp above, the app brings with it a lot of extra capabilities beyond simply sending abandoned cart emails.

These features include:

  • Cart abandonment workflows
  • A/B testing
  • Rewards and loyalty programs
  • Behavior segmentation

This is a small sampling of what the app has to offer. It promises to provide a full set of features to fulfill most of your email marketing needs.


However, that comes with a pretty big price tag.

Remarkety’s general plans can start at $25/month, according to their pricing page. However, if you have a Magento store, you’ll need to cough up at least $100/month.

For each additional 1,000 subscribers, you’ll have to pay an extra $20 monthly. So, for example, if you have 10,000 contacts, you’ll be paying at least $240/month.


Omnisend is an all-in-one ecommerce marketing automation platform dedicated to ecommerce.

Ominisend’s Magento plugin source code is also available and ready to download from our shared Github repository. You can always update and customize your integration using our API integration guide .


Omnisend offers a lot of functions and flexibility, and demonstrates that you don’t need to pay a lot to get a lot out of email marketing. This is especially true when it comes to automated emails, such as abandoned cart automated emails.

You can set up an unlimited amount of emails in your abandoned cart workflow, although most marketers use either one or a series of three emails.

You can also:

  • Track cart abandons every time
  • Capture more abandons with Browse Abandonment and Product Abandonment workflows
  • Track important pages and peak abandons with Live View website tracking
  • Use predefined, prefilled cart abandonment templates, or create your own
  • Use segmentation with advanced filters to supertarget visitors and customers

Omnisend is not just focused on abandoned carts. It has a lot of other features that you’ll probably find useful:

Perhaps the biggest pro of Omnisend is that it allows you to cut down on the amount of separate apps you’ll need. It’s an all-in-one solution for:

  • Email marketing
  • Welcome emails
  • Cart abandonment
  • Website tracking
  • Popups and signup forms
  • Landing pages
  • Newsletter builder
  • SMS/text messaging (free for certain pricing plans)


One of the drawbacks of the platform is that there are certain limitations based on the plan that you’re on.

You will need technical knowledge to integrate Omnisend into your Magento store.

Abandoned Cart Recapture

Recapture’s Magento extension is an email marketing app that promises to be easy-to-use and set up.


Recapture focuses most of its attention on cart abandonment recovery. Its features reflect that focus:

  • Responsive emails that look great on desktop and mobile
  • Live shopping cart view
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Syncs well with MailChimp

Besides that, they have great analytics for various abandoned cart-related actions. For example, cart abandon rate, recaptured revenue, and most abandoned products.


There isn’t a lot of information available about Recapture’s performance in the field. At the time of writing, it only had one five-star review. This means that deliverability and IP reputation are questions still hanging in the air.

Secondly, the app doesn’t provide much else besides cart abandonment-related features—no segmentation, no other automation, no Facebook sync, etc.

Besides that, their price can become quite expensive if you have a lot of abandoned carts each month.

It starts at $49 for 2,000 emails/month, and $99 for 10,000 emails each month.

Amasty Abandoned Cart Email

Amasty’s app is specifically dedicated to abandoned cart emails.


Since it’s focused only on abandoned cart emails, it should be pretty easy to set up your abandoned cart emails and sending schedule.

You have the following features:

  • Customize the size, color, currency, price, etc.
  • Set up emails ending schedule
  • Set up any rules you’d like
  • Offer coupons to incentivize customers to return to your store

You’ll also be able to use Google Analytics to see the basic stats for any recovered abandoned carts.


Compared to the other Magento extensions on this list, Amasty’s app seems pretty limited.

It’s great to be focused specifically on cart abandonment. But that will simply mean that Magento store owners will have to get additional, separate apps to fulfill the other important parts of their email marketing strategy.

Beyond that, the one-time fee that starts at $199/month can be a bit pricey for stores starting out. Especially when it’s likely they’ll need separate apps to fulfill their other needs.

WEB4PRO Abandoned Cart

WEB4PRO’s extension is another dedicated abandoned cart app. It promises to help ecommerce stores on Magento to send reminder emails to shoppers.


This focused app has a few important features to help your online store with cart abandons:

  • Automation settings for notification emails
  • Customizable email templates
  • Generated links for each abandoned cart
  • One-click cart recovery
  • File attachment possibility

Besides that, it’s also free.


The popular saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”

Here, you get a cart abandonment extension for free. However, you’ll have to set up everything on the backend by yourself.

There are lots of deliverability problems when sending emails from your own server. Naturally, that requires your own creative solutions.

There are also a lot of apparent bugs in support requests, with the main problem being the app just not working.

Besides that, the app is only compatible up to Magento 1.9.3.

Abandoned Cart Alerts Pro

This Magento extension by Aitoc helps store owners recover lost sales with automated email alerts.


This is a pretty standard, but good, Magento abandoned cart extension. It includes the ability to:

  • Send messages to get customers to finish their purchases
  • Send email alerts for anyone who left an email address
  • Track your important cart recovery data

It also has the ability to edit text in emails, as well as add HTML or CSS.


To be frank, this Magento abandoned cart app doesn’t offer a lot.

If you don’t know HTML/CSS, you’ll have to hire someone to create good-looking emails for you to help you stay on brand.

The price isn’t very reasonable for an app with such limited features.

Also, there’s the same persisting problem—you’ll need to get additional apps to fill all the gaps left in your email marketing strategy.


The EYEMAGIN HubSpot integration allows you to connect your Magento store with HubSpot’s CRM.


HubSpot is one of the leading CRMs for different verticals. Nonetheless, if you’re selling something at scale, HubSpot can be a great option.

Specifically, the EYEMAGIN Magento abandoned cart extension allows you to:

  • Automate and personalize your abandon cart emails and nurturing flows
  • Automate upsell, cross-sell and reorders
  • Create highly targeted emails, campaigns and product launches

This is only some of the many things that HubSpot, as a more complete CRM, will allow your store to do.


With all the features coming with a HubSpot account, you’ll essentially be paying for a lot of things you probably won’t be using—depending on your plan.

HubSpot offers a Starter plan on its pricing page. However, with this Magento extension, you’ll have to pay $79.99/month after your 30-day trial ends.

Based on HubSpot’s Starter plan, you’ll have a limit of five emails per month—meaning you can only send five times as many emails as contacts that you have.

If you have 1,000 contacts, your limit will be 5,000 emails each month. If you have 10,000 contacts, your limit will be 50,000 emails.

The basic plan has a lot more limitations. If you want the “standard” plan, you’ll have to cough up at least $800/month.

For newer ecommerce businesses, and even established, sustainable businesses, this is simply not practical.


The Springbot Magento abandoned cart app helps ecommerce stores streamline their marketing automation, analysis and personalization.


Springbot integrates well with other marketing tools like MailChimp, AdRoll, and various social media channels.

The extension will help Magento store owners to:

  • Set up abandoned cart emails
  • Create welcome and post-purchase automated email workflows
  • Use behavioral triggers to target specific shoppers performing certain actions
  • Run dynamic and static ads on the web, social and mobile

As an all-in-one marketing package, it has an entire slew of features that will allow you to perform a lot of actions.


Mainly, there are two big negatives here (depending on your business)

  • It’s expensive
  • It has more features than you’ll probably need

The price for their Starter plan comes in at $299 monthly. Furthermore, the mid-range plan starting at $499, for 10,000 contacts and 100,000 emails.

If you want the higher range, that’ll put you back $899 each month.

The high monthly price you’re paying is for a wide slew of features that you may not end up using.

Magenest Ultimate Follow Up Email & SMS

The Magenest extension will allow you to set up various follow-up emails. This includes abandoned cart recovery and SMS/text messages.


Besides Omnisend, this is one of the only Magento abandoned cart extensions that will allow you to incorporate SMS/text messages into your abandoned cart recovery strategy.

Beyond that great aspect, the app also allows you to:

  • Set coupon codes with time limits to entice customers to recover their abandoned carts
  • Track the abandoned cart and cart recovery rates
  • Suggest related products when customers make purchases
  • Remind customers with either an email or SMS/text message


You need other additional apps to actually do any of the above actions.

You’ll need to get a MailChimp account and connect with Mandrill’s API. Mandrill comes in at $20/month, while MailChimp has various plans, as noted above.

You’ll need these to actually send the emails.

For the SMS/text messaging feature, you’ll need to connect with the Nexmo AP. This is roughly $0.05 per outbound message.


dotmailer , with a small ‘d’, is one of the leading email marketing platforms out there. It helps Magento store owners with their email marketing strategy.


As with the other email marketing platforms on this list, dotmailer has quite a lot of important features. Ecommerce store owners will love:

  • Data synchronization
  • Drag-and-drop email campaigns
  • Segmentation and data acquisition
  • Automation program builder (including abandoned cart series)
  • Dynamic personalized content


Again, as with a lot of other full-service Magento extensions here, the price can be quite a barrier.

dotmailer plans start at a high $250 per month. This is quite hefty when all you want to do is send abandoned cart emails.

For 20,000 emails per month for their lowest-priced Pro plan, you’ll have to pay $400/month. It goes up to $500 for the same amount of emails on the Enterprise plan.

Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email

The Mageplaza Magenta abandoned cart email extension aims to help online businesses reduce their cart abandonment rate.


This extension is pretty straightforward. It allows you to:

  • Customize your contacts into email groups
  • Create promotional vouchers automatically
  • Track all sent abandoned cart emails
  • Integrate with Google Analytics UTM

These are the major features that stand out on this focused Magento abandoned cart extensions.

It also has a one-time fee of $79, meaning you’ll have to pay once and not worry about it again.


Again, you get what you pay for.

You’ll have to send emails using your server, or connecting with third-party apps.

If you have completely fulfilled all other aspects of your email marketing and need to just fill in this abandoned cart app quickly, then this would be good for you.

But that seems like an extremely rare case.

You probably will need a full solution, and this isn’t it.

So either get all the other additional apps, or go with one extension that can give you a good package of features without having to spend a fortune on it.

Wrap Up

Well, that’s our list of the 13 best Magento abandoned cart extensions available in 2022.

If you want to get the best solutions to improve your Magento 2 store, check out more useful Magento 2 extensions . These can help you effectively manage stores, create a better shopping experience for customers, and increase sales.

If Omnisend ticked all the boxes, you can try a free trial today.

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