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120 Easter email subject lines to boost your campaign

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Easter spending reached a record $24 billion in 2023 . With more than a third of Americans buying online for the holiday, it’s an event your business can’t afford to miss.

That might make you worry that your emails will get lost in busy inboxes, but fear not.

In this article, you’ll find 120 of the best Easter email subject lines you can use in your upcoming campaigns. We also show scores from Omnisend’s free subject line tester so you can pick the line(s) that egg-cite you the most (Sorry, couldn’t resist…)

Promoting Easter sales through 20 subject lines

Holiday terminology can pique your audience’s interest while associating your product with the season.

Just keep in mind both clarity and directness are key for successful conversions. Your Easter email subject lines need to be short, descriptive, and expressive.

Here are 20 high-scoring examples to get you started:

  1. “Easter Exclusive: 30% Off Select Items!” (score 100%)
  2. “🐣 Easter Specials: Limited Stock!” (score 92%)
  3. “Egg-citing Offers: 40% Off Today Only!” (score 92%)
  4. “Hoppy Easter: Unbeatable Deals End Soon!” (score 92%)
  5. “Easter Weekend Sale: Save Now!” (score 92%)
  6. “Easter Countdown: Save Big Now!” (score 92%)
  7. “24-Hour Easter Eggstravaganza Sale!” (score 92%)
  8. “🥚 Crack Open Easter Deals Today!” (score 83%)
  9. “Early Bird Easter Specials Inside!” (score 83%)
  10. “Hop Fast: Limited Easter Discounts!” (score 83%)
  11. “Grab Your Easter Treats Before They’re Gone!” (score 83%)
  12. “🌷 Spring Sale: Easter Edition!” (score 83%)
  13. “Final Hours: Easter Savings Inside!” (score 83%)
  14. “Spring into Savings: Easter Discounts!” (score 83%)
  15. “Easter Flash Sale: Ends Tonight!” (score 83%)
  16. “Hop to It: 50% Off Easter Deals!” (score 83%)
  17. “Easter Clearance: While Stocks Last!” (score 83%)
  18. “Final Day for Egg-ceptional Easter Deals!” (score 75%)
  19. “Last Chance: Easter Sale Ends Soon!” (score 67%)
  20. “Exclusive Easter Offer Just for You!” (score 67%)

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20 Easter egg hunt-inspired subject lines

Subject lines encompassing Easter holiday traditions can add a playful and engaging element to your email marketing campaigns.

Since more than 83% of families participate in Easter egg hunts, you’re unlikely to disappoint with a lighthearted take on the season.

To get you started, here are 20 Easter email subject lines inspired by tradition:

  1. “Find the Golden Egg: Special Discounts!” (score 92%)
  2. “Egg Hunt Challenge: Limited Time Offers!” (score 92%)
  3. “Hurry! Easter Eggs with Big Savings!” (score 92%)
  4. “Easter Egg Countdown: Save Now!” (score 92%)
  5. “Limited Stock in Our Easter Eggs!” (score 92%)
  6. “Find Easter Treats Before They’re Gone!” (score 92%)
  7. “Egg-straordinary Deals: Find Yours!” (score 92%)
  8. “Easter Egg Bonanza Ends Soon!” (score 92%)
  9. “Egg Hunt Alert: Find Your Deal Inside!” (score 83%)
  10. “🐰 Hop to Our Egg-clusive Sale!” (score 83%)
  11. “Join Our Easter Egg-stravaganza!” (score 83%)
  12. “Egg-ceptional Offers Hidden Inside!” (score 83%)
  13. “Crack the Code: Easter Egg Discounts!” (score 83%)
  14. “Easter Egg Hunt: Prizes Await You!” (score 83%)
  15. “🥚 Unearth Hidden Easter Savings!” (score 83%)
  16. “Easter Eggs Filled with Surprises!” (score 83%)
  17. “Crack Open Egg-citing Easter Offers!” (score 83%)
  18. “Egg-citing Discounts: Hunt Them Down!” (score 75%)
  19. “Last Day: Easter Egg Hunt for Deals!” (score 75%)
  20. “Hidden Deals in Our Easter Egg Hunt!” (score 75%)

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20 more subject lines for family-centric Easter promotions

Family and friends are synonymous with the Easter holiday.

Roughly a third of those who celebrate plan to spend it with loved ones — which means subject lines appealing to family could have a significant impact on your open rates.

If you’re not targeting family-oriented customers during Easter, you could be missing out on a major conversion opportunity.

Below are 20 Easter sale email subject lines for family-oriented shoppers:

  1. “Hoppy Family Easter: Special Offer!” (score 92%)
  2. “Easter Family Feast: Order Now!” (score 92%)
  3. “Limited Time: Family Easter Baskets!” (score 92%)
  4. “Family Easter Sale: Ends Soon!” (score 92%)
  5. “Family Time This Easter: Big Savings!” (score 92%)
  6. “Family-Size Easter Savings: Shop Now!” (score 92%)
  7. “Exclusive Family Easter Event: Book Now!” (score 92%)
  8. “Easter Family Specials: Limited Stock!” (score 92%)
  9. “Family Easter Fun: Discounts Inside!” (score 83%)
  10. “Easter Family Fun at a Discount!” (score 83%)
  11. “🌷 Easter Bloom: Family Offers Inside!” (score 83%)
  12. “Make Memories: Easter Family Discounts!” (score 83%)
  13. “Easter Family Traditions: Save Today!” (score 83%)
  14. “Easter Family Gathering: Exclusive Deals!” (score 83%)
  15. “Easter Joy for Your Family: Save Now!” (score 83%)
  16. “Gather ‘Round: Easter Family Deals!” (score 83%)
  17. “🐣 Easter Gifts for Kids & Parents!” (score 75%)
  18. “👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Easter Treats for the Whole Family!” (score 67%)
  19. “Last Chance: Family Easter Bonanza!” (score 67%)
  20. “🎉 Family Easter Party: Save on Supplies!” (score 42%)

If you want to experiment with your own Easter email subject lines, check out Omnisend’s free subject line generator .

Incorporating emojis in these 20 Easter subject lines

If used correctly, emojis can boost your engagement rate and help your emails stand out from the crowd. They also provide a nice visual element in an otherwise text-heavy inbox.

Keep in mind not just any emoji fits into Easter subject lines though.

First, you should know the popular connotations of symbols to avoid negatively impacting your brand. Then, try to stick with one or two emojis so you don’t overwhelm your subscribers.

Here are 20 examples of how to do this right:

  1. “🌸 Exclusive Easter Bloom: 50% Off!” (score 100%)
  2. “🎊 Easter Extravaganza: Shop Now!” (score 92%)
  3. “👪 Family Easter Fun: Special Deals!” (score 92%)
  4. “🐣 Early Bird Easter Sale Starts Now!” (score 83%)
  5. “🌷 Spring into Easter Savings Today!” (score 83%)
  6. “🐥 Peep Our Egg-citing Easter Offers!” (score 83%)
  7. “🌼 Spring into Easter: Exclusive Savings!” (score 83%)
  8. “🐰🥕 Carrot-Top Easter Discounts!” (score 83%)
  9. “Hurry! 🍫 Easter Chocolates Melting Away!” (score 83%)
  10. “Easter Surprises Inside! 🎈🐰 Limited Time!” (score 83%)
  11. “🥚 Crack Open Today’s Easter Specials!” (score 83%)
  12. “🐰 Hop to It: Easter Discounts Inside!” (score 75%)
  13. “🎉 Easter Party Essentials: On Sale Now!” (score 75%)
  14. “Easter Flash Sale! 🥚🎉 Ends Tonight!” (score 75%)
  15. “🐣 Last Day for Early Easter Offers!” (score 75%)
  16. “🥚🔍 Easter Egg Hunt: Find Your Deal!” (score 75%)
  17. “🎁 Grab Your Easter Gift: Limited Stock!” (score 75%)
  18. “Last Chance! 🐇 Easter Deals Ending!” (score 67%)
  19. “Flash Sale: 🌟 Easter Stars Tonight Only!” (score 67%)
  20. “🛍️ Easter Shopping Spree: Ends Soon!” (score 50%)

You can check out our guide to using emojis in email subject lines for a more in-depth look.

Using puns and wordplay in another 20 Easter subject lines

Everybunny loves a good Easter pun — even if they won’t admit it.

Just be sure to exercise caution and avoid far-fetched puns that might go over people’s heads. A good way to check this is with A/B testing .

In the meantime, you can pull inspiration from these 20 Easter subject lines with puns related to the holiday.

  1. “Egg-stra Special Easter Sale Starts Now!” (score 92%)
  2. “Hop-py Easter Offers: Grab Them Now!” (score 92%)
  3. “Get Cracking: Easter Savings Inside!” (score 92%)
  4. “Egg-cite Your Wallet: Easter Discounts!” (score 92%)
  5. “Easter Egg-stravaganza: Limited Time!” (score 92%)
  6. “Hop into Savings: Easter Deals Await!” (score 83%)
  7. “Crack Open Egg-citing Easter Discounts!” (score 83%)
  8. “Don’t Yolk Around: Easter Sale Ends Soon!” (score 83%)
  9. “Basketful of Bargains: Hop To It!” (score 83%)
  10. “No Bunny Beats Our Easter Offers!” (score 83%)
  11. “Easter Treats at Eggs-ceptional Prices!” (score 83%)
  12. “Bunny Bonanza: Hop on These Deals!” (score 83%)
  13. “Eggs-plore Our Easter Savings Today!” (score 83%)
  14. “Some-bunny Save Big: Easter Specials!” (score 83%)
  15. “Chick Out These Egg-cellent Deals!” (score 83%)
  16. “Egg-hunt for Deals: Ends in a Flash!” (score 75%)
  17. “Bunny-ful of Bargains: Spring into Savings!” (score 75%)
  18. “Hoppin’ Good Deals: Easter Flash Sale!” (score 75%)
  19. “Egg-sclusive Discounts Just for You!” (score 67%)
  20. “Last Chance: These Deals Will Hop Away!” (score 58%)

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20 spring-themed subject lines

If you don’t want Easter to take front-and-center in your emails, you can fall back to subject lines encompassing the essence of spring.

This is a season of renewal and joy, so be sure to incorporate these themes in your writing.

As always, don’t be shy to add a few emojis to help your subject line really pop.

Take these 20 spring email subject lines as examples:

  1. “Blossom Your Savings This Easter!” (score 92%)
  2. “Easter Blooms: Limited Time Discounts!” (score 92%)
  3. “🌷 Tulip Time: Easter Specials Inside!” (score 92%)
  4. “Easter Savings Sprouting Now!” (score 92%)
  5. “Renew with Easter: Fresh Offers Await!” (score 92%)
  6. “Easter in Bloom: Grab Your Deal!” (score 92%)
  7. “Easter’s Spring Parade: Save Today!” (score 92%)
  8. “Spring Renewal: Easter Offers End Soon!” (score 92%)
  9. “Bunny’s Spring Bash: Hop on Deals!” (score 92%)
  10. “Spring into Easter Savings: Act Fast!” (score 83%)
  11. “🌱 Plant Your Savings: Easter Exclusive!” (score 83%)
  12. “Blossoming Deals: Limited Easter Offer!” (score 83%)
  13. “Spring Ahead: Easter Discounts Await!” (score 83%)
  14. “Fresh Picks: Easter Deals Just Bloomed!” (score 83%)
  15. “Hop into Spring: Exclusive Easter Offers!” (score 83%)
  16. “Spring Surprises in Our Easter Basket!” (score 83%)
  17. “Catch the Spring Breeze: Easter Savings!” (score 83%)
  18. “🌼 Daffodil Deals: Brighten Your Easter!” (score 83%)
  19. “Spring Fling: Easter Discounts Flying Away!” (score 75%)
  20. “🐣 Early Bird’s Spring Treat: Easter Sale!” (score 75%)

As always, you can customize this template (and others like these) with Omnisend’s free Easter email newsletter templates .

Personalization and regional variations in Easter email subject lines

Before writing the perfect Easter email subject line, you need to understand your audience.

This includes their two most important elements: personalization and region.

You’re probably familiar with personalization — it’s about crafting each email to the individual in question. If you’re not using personal or behavioral data to supercharge your emails, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars of revenue .

Not sure where to start? Our guide to email personalization has all you need to know.

The next thing to consider is regional Easter festivities, including what people do and don’t do to celebrate.

In New York, for example, most children hunt for plastic Easter eggs stuffed with chocolates.

In Scotland, children engage in a tradition called ‘egg rolling,’ which is literally rolling painted eggs down hills.

To write for thy audience is to do right by thy audience.

And a little research goes a long way towards boosting your conversion rates.

Wrap up

Easter presents a unique opportunity for your business to connect with customers. Using the right email subject line may inspire them to take action by exploring new sales and discounts.

But when it comes to crafting a successful Easter email campaign, picking a great email subject line is only half the battle.

You also have to measure the performance of your emails so you can make more informed decisions for the future.

If you’re not already tracking campaign performance, you can sign up with Omnisend and get started for free. Then, you can experiment with different subject lines, discover new trends, and capitalize on value.

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