Best bulk text message services for 2024

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One commonly believed myth is that bulk text message services are expensive and only suitable for large businesses.

The truth is, businesses of all sizes can leverage bulk messaging services to optimize customer outreach and engagement. And there are powerful tools with varying pricing plans that can accommodate any budget.

This post explores the top 6 bulk SMS service providers to help you choose the most effective tool for your business.

What are bulk text messages, and when are they used?

Also known as mass messages, bulk text messages are a way for organizations to reach out to many people with a single message at once.

You can send a bulk text message for various reasons, and some best use cases are:

  • Promotions or special offers
  • Order or shipping updates
  • As a part of automation series like a cart abandonment SMS
  • Presenting new product launches
  • Sending customer surveys

Bulk text messaging gives you a chance to broaden your customer reach in a short period.

Best bulk text message services

Are you a bulk text message sender, or is it part of your future marketing plan? Here is a list of the top bulk SMS marketing software you should consider.

1. Omnisend

Best for omnichannel marketing

Omisend is an ecommerce-focused bulk text massage service that combines SMS marketing with email and push notifications. The tool comes with robust segmentation and automation capabilities, as well as detailed reporting.

Pricing information

Omnisend has a free plan with features that include:

  • 60 SMS and 500 emails
  • Pre-built automation & workflows
  • Popups & signup forms
  • Unlimited segmentation
  • 24/7 email & live chat support

Paid plans start from $16/month. For 500 contacts:

  • Standard: $16/month (6000 emails, 60 SMS)
  • Pro: $59/month (unlimited emails, free SMS to the monthly price of the plan)

Main features and benefits

Here are Omnisend’s key features.

  • Omnichannel marketing: You can combine SMS, email, and web push notifications into a single workflow.
  • Automation: Omnisend provides prebuilt workflows that you can use out of the box to send automated SMS campaigns to your audience.
  • Global reach: You get global text-only SMS reach to easily sell to international markets.
  • Multiple list-building tools: Omnisend allows you to grow your contact list using signup forms, landing pages, pop-ups, teasers, and more.

2. Attentive

Best for businesses focusing only on SMS marketing

Attentive is another one of the best mass texting software for marketers looking to send personalized campaigns to their audiences. It’s best suited for businesses fully focused on SMS marketing.

Pricing information

You’d need to contact Attentive’s sales team for more information on the pricing plan that fits your business.

Main features and benefits

Some of Attentive’s key features include:

  • Advanced personalization features: One key feature that sets Attentive apart is personalization. For instance, you can segment your audience and send tailored messages through dynamic content.
  • Deliverability tools : Smart Sending and Quiet Hour help optimize your sending time and improve deliverability.
  • Two-way texting: You can use keywords that trigger responses to engage with customers.

While discussing SMS marketing platforms, you might want to consider other Attentive alternatives to make an informed choice.

3. SMSBump

Best for ecommerce businesses focusing on SMS

SMSBump is a top bulk text message service for Shopify and BigCommerce ecommerce platforms. Yotpo recently acquired the platform and boasts a customer base of 90,000 users.

SMSBump is more specialized for users who run ecommerce stores. You can compare it with top SMSBump alternatives and understand what makes it unique.

Pricing information

SMSBump offers a free plan with significant features such as:

  • Audience segmentation
  • Two-way SMS conversations with one free opt-in keyword
  • Tech stack integrations
  • Advanced analytics & reporting

You’ll still need to pay the applicable carrier SMS fees.

Paid plans start from $19/month:

  • Growth: $19/month
  • Prime: $59/month
  • Powerhouse: $199/month
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

Main features and benefits

Here are some notable features of this mass texting app.

  • Dual opt-in options: You get list-building forms, links, keywords, QR codes, etc., for SMS and email marketing audiences.
  • Real-time analytics: SMSBump provides valuable insights to help you track your most important metrics.
  • Flow builder: SMSBump provides over 40 pre-built flow triggers for different customer use cases
  • Robust segmentation : You can build 40+ segments to target your audience based on various aspects such as behavior, preferences, and demographics.

4. Textedly

Best for flexible bulk SMS plan

Textedly is a top bulk text message service for small to medium-sized businesses. It’s a simple, easy-to-use platform with a straightforward web-based interface, suitable for beginners.

Pricing information

Textedly provides a wide range of SMS pricing plans , giving you the flexibility to choose a plan within your budget.

The paid plans start at $26/month, billed monthly for the Basic plan. There are 13 plans available, and the most expensive one (Champion Plan) costs $2,999/per month.

Textedly does not have a free plan, unfortunately. However, there’s a 14-day free trial to test the tool first.

Main features and benefits

Here are some of Textedly’s main features.

  • Custom keywords: You can customize your keywords for different groups to have them sign up for your text marketing campaigns. The number of custom keywords you get increases as you upgrade your plans.
  • Scheduled SMS: Textedly has a planner that allows you to set up a single text or bulk text messages to go out at any time and date in the future.
  • Long text messages: Textedly is one of the few mass texting services that allows you to send an SMS with over 455 characters and an MMS of up to 1,600 characters. This is much longer than the standard length of 160 characters.
  • Drip campaigns: With Drip Campaigns, your subscribers can expect constant communication and updates from you. You can turn on this feature and let Textedly send automated messages to your subscribers.

5. SendPulse

Best for sales

SendPulse is a bulk text marketing automation tool allowing you to send SMS and email newsletters to your contact list. The platform collaborates with over 1,000 mobile network providers in over 200 countries, and also supports Unicode, which allows users to send messages in any language.

Pricing information

This platform does not offer separate pricing plans for SMS campaigns. If you want to send bulk text messages, you’ll need to pay a flat fee which varies by country. In the US, it’s only 2.2 cents per SMS.

Main features and benefits

Some SendPulse key features include:

  • Multiple marketing channels: Besides SMS and email marketing, you can combine your campaigns with live chat, social media chat, transactional emails, and web push notifications.
  • Scheduled SMS : You can still run your SMS marketing even when you’re not there by scheduling your SMS campaigns for later.
  • Segmentation: With SendPulse, you can make more exciting offers by targeting specific demographic subsets of your audience, e.g., based on age, gender, and interests.
  • Analytics: SendPulse lets you keep tabs on the open, clickthrough, and unsubscribe rates of your SMS messages.

6. BulkSMS (

Best for businesses that want flexible pricing (without contract)

Another one of the best bulk text message services is BulkSMS, as the name suggests. It’s a cloud-based SMS gateway provider that allows you to send two-way text message campaigns to your global audience.

Pricing information

BulkSMS uses a pay-as-you-go pricing system. Here, users purchase blocks of message credits that they can use once or over time.

Unlike subscription-based pricing, there are no recurring costs and your credits do not expire.

The total number of SMS messages delivered in the bundle and the location of your recipients determine the price of the credits.

In the US, if you buy 1,000 credits, you’d be able to send about roughly 1,000 messages, and that’d cost you $36.50. You can buy between 200 to 50,000 credits.

Main features and benefits

Some key features that SMSBulk provides include:

  • Mobile application: BulkSMS offers a mass text app for iOS users alongside the web-based application.
  • Automated opt-out: The platform automatically blocks you from sending messages to customers who have opted out of your SMS list.
  • Long SMS: Send long SMS messages of up to 918 characters (the equivalent of six SMS).
  • Unicode messages: Send messages in any language, including those requiring special characters. This way, you can quickly expand into the global market.

Best bulk sms message tools comparison

Here’s a quick overview of these mass text messaging tools side-by-side.

Software Free plan available? Paid plan starts from Best for
Omnisend $16 for up to 500 emails and up to 60 SMS Omnichannel marketing (sms combined with email, and push messages)
Attentive Custom Businesses focused on SMS marketing
SMSbump $19/month Ecommerce businesses focusing on SMS
Textedly $26/month for 500 text messages/month Businesses looking for flexible plans
Sendpulse No pricing plans. Cost based on carrier fees Sales
BulkSMS Pay-as-you-go pricing Businesses that want flexible pricing

Wrap up

Whether SMS marketing is your sole focus, you’re looking for affordable options, or you want an integrated marketing platform, there’s a tool out there for you.

However, with all the bulk text message services in the market, it can be difficult to narrow your choices down. Hopefully, the options discussed in this post cover at least one tool that suits your business.

Ultimately, the platform you choose will depend on your business needs.

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