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Appointment confirmation text messaging templates and best tips to use

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Myth: Appointment confirmation text messages aren’t necessary.

Reality: Appointment confirmation messages can be a game-changer for appointment-based businesses.

Some businesses argue against the necessity of appointment confirmation text messages, especially if confirmation was provided through other means such as email.

However, text messages are very convenient and are often read almost as soon as they arrive. This reduces the likelihood of no-shows and improves overall appointment management.

This article shares best practices and appointment confirmation text templates you can use to ensure your clients don’t skip their appointments.

Let’s get started!

What is an appointment confirmation text?

An appointment confirmation text is an automated text message sent to clients to confirm their appointment, reservation, or meeting with a business.

These appointment confirmation text messages share details of the occasion and verify that clients still plan to attend.

Appointment confirmation messages help to reduce no-shows by reminding customers that they have a booking, a big problem for such businesses.

They can also be used to build relationships with clients by sending personalized messages.

By using appointment confirmation messages effectively, businesses can improve their customer service, reduce no-shows, and increase revenue by not losing money to missed appointments.

Examples of companies that often use appointment confirmation text messages include:

  • Medical and dental practices
  • Salons and spas
  • Fitness centers
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Tutors
  • Home repair services

Businesses typically send appointment confirmation text messages right after a booking is made, which informs the customer their booking was successful.

Below, you’ll see the initial appointment confirmation text Lunar yoga studio sent to a customer using Omnisend:

After sending the confirmation message, you can also use SMS marketing software to send automated reminders to clients about their appointments closer to the time—such as the day before. Typically, recipients can reply or click a link to confirm their attendance, cancel, or reschedule the appointment.

15 appointment confirmation message templates

If you want to start with appointment confirmation text messages, templates are a great starting point as you won’t need to create the messages from scratch.

Appointment confirmation templates

Below are a few appointment confirmation message templates you can add to your email and SMS platform .

Template 1: Simple appointment confirmation

“Hi [Client’s Name], This confirms your appointment with [Business Name] for [Date] at [Time]. We look forward to seeing you. Please reply with ‘HELP’ or ‘RESCHEDULE’ If you have any questions or need to reschedule. Thank you!”

Template 2: Appointment confirmation with details

“Hi [Client’s Name], This is a confirmation for your appointment with [Business Name] on [Date] at [Time]. Please arrive 15 minutes early and remember to bring all the required documents. Reply to this SMS if you have any inquiries or need to reschedule your appointment. See you soon!”

Template 3: Multiple appointments confirmation

“Hi [Client’s Name], Your appointments with [Business Name] are successfully confirmed. Please find the details below:

[Appointment 1] – [Date 1] at [Time 1]

[Appointment 2] – [Date 2] at [Time 2]

Click this <link> to modify your appointments. If you have questions, feel free to ask. Thank you!”

Template 4: Appointment confirmation with virtual meeting details

“Hi [Client’s Name], This confirms your virtual appointment with [Business Name] for [Date] at [Time]. Here’s the link for the meeting: [Zoom Link]. To confirm your attendance, reply with ‘CONFIRM.’ If you need any assistance or need to reschedule, reply with ‘HELP’ or ‘RESCHEDULE.’ See you soon!”

Template 5: Warm appointment confirmation

“Hi [Client’s Name], Thank you for booking an appointment with [Business Name] on [Date] at [Time]. Please text ‘CONFIRM’ to confirm your appointment. If you need to reschedule, reply with ‘RESCHEDULE.’ Need any information? Just reply with ‘INFO.’ See you soon!”

Template 6: Appointment confirmation for medical practice

“Hi [PATIENT NAME], your appointment with [MEDICAL PROVIDER NAME] at [PRACTICE NAME] is booked for [DATE] at [TIME]. Please reply with ‘C’ to confirm. Call or text this number [NUMBER] to reschedule/cancel. Thank you!”

Template 7: Appointment confirmation for a beauty salon

“Hello, [CLIENT NAME]! Your appointment with [NAME OF SALON] is at [TIME] on [DATE]. Text CONFIRM to confirm or RESCHEDULE to make a change. Text STOP to stop receiving appointment alerts.”

Template 8: Appointment confirmation for automotive services

“[CUSTOMER NAME], thanks for scheduling a [SERVICE TYPE] with [BUSINESS NAME]! This confirms that your appointment is on [DATE] at [TIME] at [ADDRESS]. Call/text with any questions or to reschedule.”

Appointment reminder templates

Appointment reminder SMSs are closely related to appointment confirmation messages, except they remind clients of their booking and to arrive on time.

Here are seven appointment reminder templates you can use to help prevent unnecessary no-shows.

Template 1: Simple appointment reminder

“Hi [Customer’s Name], This is a friendly reminder about your upcoming appointment with [Business Name] on [Date] at [Time]. We look forward to seeing you! To confirm your appointment, please reply with ‘CONFIRM.’ If you need to reschedule, please reply with ‘RESCHEDULE.’ Thank you.”

Template 2: Appointment reminder with location

“Hello [Customer’s Name], Your appointment with [Business Name] is scheduled for [Date] at [Time]. Please remember to visit us at [Location Address]. If you have any questions or need to reschedule, reply with ‘HELP’ or ‘RESCHEDULE.’ See you soon!”

Template 3: Appointment reminder with additional instructions

“Dear [Customer’s Name], Your appointment with [Business Name] is just around the corner on [Date] at [Time]. Please remember to bring all necessary documents and arrive 15 minutes early. If you need to cancel or have any queries, reply to this email. Looking forward to seeing you!”

Below is an example of an appointment reminder text message with additional instructions:

Template 4: Appointment reminder for a virtual meeting

“Hello [Customer Name], this is a friendly reminder that your tax consultation appointment with [Company staff] is on Zoom at 3:30 pm on February 3. Please bring all available tax forms. Feel free to reach us on this number [Phone number] if you have any questions. Text CANCEL to cancel your appointment. — [Company name].”

Template 5: Appointment reminder for an interview

“Hi, [Interviewee name]! Your interview is confirmed for [Time] on [Date] at [Office location]. Text HELP if you have a question. Text NO to unsubscribe.”

Template 6: Appointment reminder for veterinary services

“Hi [CLIENT NAME], [NAME OF PET] is due for his annual vaccinations at [TIME] on [DATE] at [LOCATION OF VETERINARY CENTER]. Not convenient? Reschedule using this link: [add URL]”

Template 7: Appointment reminders for home repair services

“Hi [CLIENT NAME], thanks for booking a [SERVICE TYPE] appointment with [BUSINESS NAME]! Your service is scheduled for [DATE] at [TIME]. Reply ‘YES’ to confirm or call with any questions.”

Tips for creating an effective appointment confirmation text

Mastering the art of writing an effective appointment confirmation post is important if you want clients to honor their appointments. Discover what you need to do to make your appointment confirmation texts more effective.

1. Keep the message simple

One of the essentials of text message marketing is to keep your texts short. This strategy also applies to your appointment confirmation text message.

Only include the necessary details in the text message, such as the appointment date, time, and location.

2. Personalize the message

Appointment confirmation texts aren’t like the bulk messages sent to everyone in your contact list. They’re specific messages sent to customers who have booked an appointment with your business.

Personalize your appointment confirmation text message to build a deeper connection with the recipient. Address the recipient by their name to make them feel comfortable enough to respond to the message with any issue or concern.

3. Include relevant business details

Customers receive many text messages from businesses. To prevent confusion, include relevant business details in the reservation confirmation text.

Add your business name and contact information to make it easy for recipients to reach you. You can also add the location for the appointment so users don’t get lost.

4. Have a clear call-to-action

What do you want the recipient to do when they see the appointment confirmation text? If you want them to confirm their attendance, specify what action they should take in the message.

With a clear and straightforward, simple call to action, you know how many users intend to honor their appointments.

5. Offer simple opt-out instructions

People can change their minds about their appointments, so it’s important to include instructions to cancel or reschedule the appointment.

6. Provide additional instructions

Include all the details in the appointment confirmation message. This will prevent inconveniences that can make the appointment unsuccessful.

7. Timing is key

Send the appointment confirmed message shortly after the client books an appointment. Send the reminder close to the appointment date to reduce no-shows and ensure clients have the necessary information.

8. Automate the process

Use automated SMS tools to send appointment confirmations. This will help you save time and ensure consistency, plus it’s easy to personalize your messages using personal customer details.

9. Consider multiple reminders

Despite sending the initial confirmation message, there is a chance that your clients may miss an appointment. Thus, sending a reminder closer to the appointment date eliminates the chances of a no-show.

10. Optimize the length of the message

Text messages come with a character limit. Your appointment confirmation text messages should be concise to ensure the message isn’t split into parts, cutting off important details.

11. Encourage questions

After making their booking, your clients may have some queries. It is always a good practice to let them know they can contact you with any questions or concerns, which can help to build a relationship with your clients.

12. Comply with regulations

Before you can fully leverage the power of text messages, it is necessary to understand the compliance policies. Ensure your appointment confirmation messages adhere to the relevant communications and data protection regulations.

13. Test the format of the message

When it comes to appointment confirmation text messages, one size doesn’t fit all. Try different message formats to see what resonates with your audience. You can add emojis or abbreviations to connect well with your recipients.

14. Review and analyze

Review the performance of your appointment confirmation messages regularly and make improvements where necessary.

Wrap up

Missed appointments are an unwanted expense for businesses. You lose valuable business hours and missed revenue when a client doesn’t attend their appointment.

Appointment confirmation text messages are one simple solution to this problem. With these messages, you can share important details and remind the client about the appointment, helping to reduce the likelihood of a no-show client.

Ensure to personalize the message to build a deeper connection with the recipient, keep the message simple and add relevant business details to avoid confusion.

By following these strategies, you can reduce no-shows and improve your bottom line.

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