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5 best International Friendship Day email examples + [25 subject lines]

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Falling on July 30 each year, International Friendship Day celebrates the unique bond of friendship and its role in fostering peace and happiness around the world. It’s a day that encourages camaraderie, understanding, and mutual respect across borders and cultures.

For ecommerce businesses, International Friendship Day presents a golden opportunity to not only boost sales but also deepen connections with customers. The occasion provides a chance to create compelling, fun, and touching campaigns that resonate with your audience’s spirit of friendship.

And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing today.

In this article, we’ll give you some great campaign ideas you can adapt to celebrate this day. We’ll also dive into some of the best International Friendship Day ecommerce email examples, and give you 25 click-worthy International Friendship Day email subject lines that you can steal for your next campaign.

Let’s dive in!

5 campaign ideas to celebrate International Friendship Day

Memorable campaigns often revolve around a theme, and what better theme is there than friendship?

Celebrating International Friendship Day with your customers not only aligns your brand with positive, universal values, but also provides an excellent opportunity to engage and grow your customer base.

Here are five inventive campaign ideas that ecommerce stores can use to celebrate International Friendship Day and turn it into a marketing success:

  • Friendship Day-themed product/collection. Release a limited-edition product or collection themed around Friendship Day. This can create excitement and a sense of urgency among your customers to purchase before the special edition items sell out. You can further promote this by sending an exclusive email preview to your subscribers before the general public gets access.
  • Refer a friend. Encourage your customers to refer a friend to your online store by providing both the referrer and the referred friend a discount on their next purchase. This is a classic strategy that gains new customers while rewarding your loyal ones.
  • Best friend bundles. Create special “Best Friend Bundles” of products that can be shared between friends. These could be matching items or complementary products that encourage the spirit of friendship and sharing.
  • Buy one, gift one. Launch a “Buy One, Gift One” campaign where every purchase enables the customer to send a similar item as a gift to a friend at a discounted price or even for free. This not only drives sales but also helps spread the word about your brand among your customers’ friends.
  • Collaborate with a cause. Partner with a charity or cause that aligns with your brand’s values and announce that a portion of all Friendship Day sales will be donated to this organization. This not only generates sales but also associates your brand with compassion and social responsibility – traits that resonate strongly with many consumers today.

5 best International Friendship Day email examples

Let’s take a look at some of the best International Friendship Day email examples sent by Omnisend customers and other ecommerce brands.

#1 Rachel Jackson London

On International Friendship Day, British contemporary jewelry brand Rachel Johnson London played the perfect friend. They teamed up with another dazzling brand, Air and Grace.

Together, they lit up the day with special deals and bundles across their respective jewelry lines.


When International Friendship Day rolled around, the streetwear maestros at BLACKTAILOR decided to up the ante. They cleverly stoked a bit of friendly FOMO among their customers with a timely nudge: “Don’t forget to snag something for your friends while our stocks last!”

Now, that’s one savvy way to fuse urgency with the spirit of friendship.

#3 Hairbrella

When International Friendship Day came around, headwear brand Hairbrella decided to celebrate in style.

They whipped up a bundle offer that truly emphasized the beauty of friendship, urging customers to celebrate their unique bond with their nearest and dearest by gifting them a Hairbrella product.

#4 Natural Life

Clothing brand Natural Life tapped into the power of friendship in a rather heartwarming way. They invited their customers to spread the love by referring a friend, with a sweet little incentive that truly embraces the give-and-take nature of friendship–a mutual $20 offer.

#5 Olaplex

And finally, let’s take a look at a fantastic email from the beauty big hitters, Olaplex.

In their own unique and creative style, they used International Friendship Day as a perfect excuse to highlight their product kit bundles, referring to them as “besties”.

Isn’t that a delightful way to bring a little sparkle to their email marketing?

15 International Friendship Day subject lines for promotions

  1. 🌎Celebrate International Friendship Day with our BOGO Deals!👯‍♀️
  2. 🎉Friendship Day Exclusive: Special Deals Just For You And Your BFF👬
  3. 💕Because Friends Share: Exclusive Discounts for Friendship Day🎁
  4. 👯‍♂️Bring a friend and get 20% off your next purchase🛍️
  5. 🌈Celebrate Friendship Day with our Rainbow Collection👭
  6. 🎊Double the Fun this Friendship Day with our Twin Packs!👫
  7. 💝Friendship Day Special: Gift a purchase to a friend🎁
  8. 👭Share the love this International Friendship Day!💜
  9. 🌍Celebrate International Friendship Day with a Surprise Sale!🎉
  10. 👫Got a friend? We’ve got a deal! Celebrate Friendship Day with us🎊
  11. 💖Friends are forever, so are our Friendship Day discounts!🎁
  12. 🥳Friendship Day Blowout: Exclusive Discounts for You and Your Friends🎈
  13. 👭👫Double the Joy this Friendship Day with Our Special Bundles!
  14. 💌A Friendship Day treat from us to you and your BFF!💝
  15. 🎊Celebrate Bonds of Friendship with Our Friendship Day Sale!🛍️

10 International Friendship Day subject lines for referral emails

  1. 👯‍♂️Friends who shop together, save together: Refer a Friend Now!🎉
  2. 🤝Your Friendship is Worth Rewarding: Get Discounts for Referrals!💰
  3. 💕The Perfect Friendship Day Gift: Refer a Friend and You Both Get Rewarded!🎁
  4. 🤝Bring a Friend and You Both Win!🎁
  5. 👯‍♀️Friendship pays off: Refer a Friend and Get Rewarded!💰
  6. 💫Spread the Love this Friendship Day – Refer and Earn!🎁
  7. 💌Share the Joy: Refer a Friend for a Sweet Surprise!💝
  8. 👫Give $20, Get $20: The Friendship Day Referral Special🎊
  9. 🎁Double Delight: Refer a Friend and Get Instant Discounts!💵
  10. 💖Share the Love this Friendship Day with Our Referral Program💌

Final tips and takeaways

Here are some last-minute tips for launching successful International Friendship Day campaigns:

  • When planning your International Friendship Day email campaign, remember to choose a responsive and mobile-friendly email template to ensure that your subscribers can view your email correctly.
  • Personalize your emails to make them deliver better results. Use customer data like names and locations to better target your promotions and products.
  • Segment your audience into relevant groups to maximize your conversion rates.
  • Keep your email structure clear. Don’t use too much email elements–focus on the offer and the CTA button.
  • Maintain your brand identity. Make sure your International Friendship Day emails stand out, but don’t forget to keep them in line with your brand.

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